This article provides a brief quick start guide for the Scanfinity Fax Client.

Quick Find

Use the Quick Find section to quickly address fax recipient information.

Fax Book Auto Filter

Typing in the Quick Find field auto filters the fax book list, and selecting an item will populate the recipient information in the Fax Details section.

Cover Page Selection, Notes and Fax Attachments

1. Cover Page Comments can be added.

2. A Cover Page Template can be selected. Cover Pages are stored on the RightFax server.

3. Checking this Prompt for Attachments check box will present the user with a file attachment dialog when sending faxes.

Send A Fax

1. Clicking Fax and Keep will send the selected document as a fax and keep the item in the list for additional fax attempts.

2. Clicking Fax and Remove will send the selected document as a fax and remove the file from the New Files list.

Adding File Attachments

When Prompt for Attachments is checked, the Fax Attachments dialog is presented to the user allowing them to browse for files to attach to the fax transmission. The file attachments are persistent when selecting Fax and Keep, whereas the list is always emptied when selecting Fax and Remove.

Clicking Send will complete the fax transmission. Clicking Cancel will abort the Fax attempt.

Removing File Attachments

Clicking Remove Selected File will delete the currently selected file from the fax attachment list if a file is mistakenly added to the list.

Fax Book Maintenance

Selecting File > Fax Book Maintenance will present the user with a dialog to edit the Fax Book list.

Editing and Searching the Fax Book

1. Typing in the Find box will filter all fax book columns for the typed data.

2. Typing in a column heading will filter just that column for the typed data.

3. New fax book entries can be creating by filling in the columns of the Click here to add a new row row.

4. Fax book entries can be deleted by selecting a row or multiple rows and clicking the Delete Selected Row(s) button.

5. Clicking Cancel will cancel all changes while clicking OK will commit the changes to the fax book.