This FAQ provides an example for modifying the behavior of the metadata card with the JSON-based metadata configuration editor.

The editor allows you, among other things, to add an additional header to the metadata card for a specific object type or class, assign set values for properties, add tooltip texts and description texts for individual properties, create collapsible property groups, and control the order in which properties are displayed on the metadata card.

Accessing the Metadata Card Configuration

The Metadata Card Configuration is accessed for a given Vault via the M-Files Admin tool. It allows administrators to configure and order Rules that alter the default behavior of the Metadata Card presentation.

Creating Rules

Clicking the plus icon allows users to create new rules. We will create a new rule that reformats and creates groupings for our metadata card.

Rule Condition

For our condition, here we restrict the rule such that it only applies when a user is viewing a class with an ID of 3.

Rule Behavior – Part 1

For the initial part of our Rule Behavior, we adjust the MetadataCard to have a top description block with Content and an Image. Within the MetadataCard section, we also specify various Theme options to be used for styling specific components of the metadata card presentation.

Rule Behavior – Part 2

In the ending section of our Rule Behavior, we create Property Group sections and then specify which Group each Property should be displayed within. In this example, two Groups are created and Properties are placed within one of the two Groups.

Example in Action

After saving our Metadata Card Configuration Rule, viewing a document whose Class is 3, we see the results of our new Rule in action.