Compound documents allow the linking together of related documents.

Compound Documents

You can create compound documents: when you add files to a database or by dragging and dropping documents on top of one another in the Tree View pane

The document to which you drag the other documents becomes the master document, and the dragged documents become subdocuments. Once you have created a compound document, when it is collapsed, only the master document’s title is displayed and is represented by a closed book image. When expanded, all subdocuments are displayed, and the compound document turns into an open book image.  In the above example the file named "chris Hansen" was dragged and dropped on the file named "Lou Gutentag".

To unlink compound documents, drag subdocuments to another folder or to the database root, or delete the document from its current location.  

Note: You cannot create a compound document from a versioned document created in Library Services. Before you can create a compound document from a versioned document, you must first delete all document versions except for the version you want to use. You cannot use saved email message files (.MSG or .EML) as parent document.