Before you can edit a document from a database that is under Library Services control, you must first check the document out. When you check out a document, other users with access to the database can still view the previous version of the document and search for it, but they cannot check the same document out for editing. You can only check out the current or most recent version of the document.

Checking-Out a Document

Open a database that is under Library Services control. Note: If necessary, ask your Alchemy administrator for a list of databases that are under Library Services control which you can access.

In either the Tree View pane or the Viewer pane, right-click the document title for the document that you want to edit, and then click Check Out on the shortcut menu to display the Check out document dialog box.

Check Out Dialog

In the Comments box, type any comment to save. If you are checking out multiple documents and want to apply the same comment to each document, select the Apply comments to all check box.

Click OK. Alchemy places a copy of the document under the My Documents tab in the Tree View pane and automatically displays the contents of the My Documents tab.  

My Documents Tab

Also, in the Contents tab of the Tree View pane, Alchemy displays a green check mark next to the document to indicate that the document is checked out.

Document Check Out Example

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Now you can edit the document.