We are having search issues with our databases. Specifically when we are verifying that a document is in fact in Alchemy to be able to destroy the paper, we can search by title, author etc, and find the document, so we know it is in the database, but when we search for a word in the text, the document is not found.


As opposed to document profile field data, document content is only searchable following a Build of the Alchemy database.

Checking Word Wheel / Lookup Table Content for a Single Database

The icon with the blue down arrow (1) allows you to see all indexed words for a given database. If this list is empty, the database has most likely not yet been built. This word wheel / lookup table is a great place to see what content has actually been made searchable in a database. It may also be that your TIFF images have not yet been OCR’d.

Build the Alchemy Database

Using Alchemy Administrator, Build the Alchemy database by selecting Tools > Build… from the menu bar and cliicking OK (1). Check with your Alchemy administrator if you are unsure of how or when to Build an Alchemy database.

Make Sure Image has OCR Content

When viewing a TIFF image in an Alchemy desktop client, check to see if the Text Content icon is enabled (1). If the Icon is enabled, you can Left-Click it to toggle between the recognized Text Content and the TIFF Image displays.

View Text Content of an OCR’d TIFF Image

If the document has been OCR’d, you will see the text content representation of the image when in Text Content display mode. To toggle back to the Image display, Left-Click the Text Content icon (1) again.

Search for Document Contents

To Search for document content, open the Search dialog from Tools > Search… on the menu bar of an Alchemy desktop client.

1. Enter your search criteria in this field

2. Make sure that you have checked the Document contents option in the ‘What would you like to search?’ section.

3. Click the Search button to execute your search against the Alchemy database.