Alchemy Administrator and Index Station clients can leverage the Alchemy Scan Module to provide scanning capabilities to the archive system. In order to scan into an existing image, one of the following must be true:

1. The image must be in an Unbuilt and editable state, or

2. The image must be checked out with Library Services to edit, or

3. The image must be stored outside of data containers


The Scan Module supports ISIS driven scanners as well as some support for TWAIN scanners. ISIS scanners are the strongly recommended option when scanning with the Alchemy Scan Module.

Verify Image is Editable

Unbuilt images are editable and will have a Blue Plus Symbol in the document icon as illustrated above. If you have Library Services and check the document out, it will become editable as well.

Another Editable Option if You Do Not Have Library Services or Unbuilt Images

If your database has been configured to NOT copy files to data containers, the images will remain in an editable state without regard to their Built status.

Scanning into an Editable TIFF Image

In order to scan into an editable document, start by displaying the Thumbnail pane in the viewer by Clicking either the thumbnail icon (1) on the toolbar or the pane expander (2) in the lower left corner of the viewer.

Select Scanning Option

Right-Click on a thubnail page image in the thumbnail pane (1), and select Scan Selected followed by either Page Before, Page After, or Rescan Pages (2). In this example I will select Page After.

Select Document Type

From the Scan dialog, select your Document Type and Scan Settings and Click the Scan button (1) to begin scanning the new pages.

Finish Scanning

Click the Close button (1) when your scanning is complete.

Verify New Pages and Ordering

Verify that the new pages have been added. You can reorder the pages by Drag-and-Drop. Multiple pages can be selected with <SHIFT>Click and <CTRL>Click mousing operations.

Save your Changes

When you attempt to view another document in the archive, you will be presented with a prompt asking if you wish to save your changes. Click Yes (1) to save your changes.