The Purge Files feature deletes built documents from their original locations.

WARNING: Since this permanently deletes files from the hard drive, it is especially important you do not clear the build on the database after the files have been purged unless the files are no longer needed. Clearing the build deletes the files from the database, and if they have also been purged from their original locations, the files will no longer be accessible.

Purging an Alchemy Database

Using an Administrator’s License select the database the files are being purged from.  Select File > Purge files.  The Purge Files dialog box.

The Purge Files dialog box

Select the Purge built Alchemy Scan images from the hard drive check box to delete only the image files located in the Images folder in the database’s directory.

Select the Purge all built documents check box to delete all built documents from their original locations. When this check box is selected, the previous check box is automatically selected also.

Click OK. You are prompted to confirm or cancel the purge process.

Click Yes to continue. A message displays the progress of the operation. After files have been purged, a message displays the number of documents that were successfully purged.

Click OK to close the message.