You place databases under Alchemy Server control by adding them to the Alchemy Server service trouver generique cialis.  

CAUTION: For Alchemy Server to manage databases that reside on a different machine than the Alchemy Server service, the Alchemy Server service must provide valid credentials (have the necessary access rights) to the remote computer on which the databases are located. You assign the necessary credentials (access rights) for the Alchemy Server service to communicate with the remote computer through the Services management console on the server on which Alchemy Server is installed. When adding databases to the Alchemy Server service, make sure that the databases are not being accessed by users.

Notes: To avoid possible access issues for remote users attempting to access Alchemy databases under Alchemy Server service control, use the UNC path format when adding databases to the Alchemy Server service. Previous settings for Audit Logging and Library Services are preserved when re-adding a database to Alchemy Server.

Adding a database to sever control

1. In the Alchemy Server console tree, expand Alchemy Server | <the node for your server’s name>.

2. Right-click the Databases node.

3. Click Add Database on the shortcut menu. The New Database dialog box appears.

Entering a Database Path

Do one of the following: In the Database Path box, type the path to an Alchemy database. For example: C:\databases\database.ald OR \\<server_name>\databases\database.ald

Click the Database Path arrow to choose a previously entered database from the list (items only appear in this list after an administrator successfully entered a database).  

To select multiple databases or if you do not know the database path, click Browse, navigate to the folder that contains the databases you want to add, and hold down the Ctrl key while clicking each database you want to add.

If you are restoring a previously backed up database to Alchemy Server control and you want to restore Alchemy Integrated Security settings that existed for the database, select the Restore Security Settings for Database check box.

Note: Only the Alchemy Integrated Security information for the role or roles the database belonged to as well as Role Based Access Control information specific to the database is restored. The roles themselves (or any other role nodes) are not restored. This feature is active only when the Alchemy Server service is running.

Click OK to add the database(s). The path for the database(s) you added appear in the datails pane when you select the Databases node.