You assign groups and users from specific Windows domains to your security roles in order to limit access to databases mapped to the same security role. If a user is not a member of a specific security role in which a database resides, the user will be denied access to that database.  

Mapping Users

1. In the Alchemy Server console tree, expand Alchemy Server | <the node for your server’s name> | Security | Roles | <the target security role node>.

2. Under the security role node, right-click the Users node.

3. Click Add user/group on the shortcut menu. The Select Domain Users, Computers, or Groups dialog box appears.

Selecting Users and Groups

Object Types displays users, computers and groups.

Locations displays the root location of the selected Object Type.

Check Names locates all matching or similar names using the selected Object Type and Location.

Advanced option provides search of all users and groups based on Name, Logon Name, E-Mail Address, Description and Active directory/users by default. Common Queries:  

Searching for Users and Groups

Search queries for Users/Groups are based on Name starting with any word or exact names or Description starting with any word or exact description.

The Columns button displays all Users/Group level information based on Name , E-Mail Address, Description and Active directory/users by default. Select the groups and/or users that you want to assign to the security role and click the Add arrow. The selected groups and/or users from the selected domain are copied to the Selected Users/Groups list.

When finished, click OK.