You limit user access to specific folders within databases assigned to a security role by mapping database security groups to the security role.

Database Group Security

In the Alchemy Server console tree, expand Alchemy Server | <the node for your server’s name> | Security | Roles | <the target security role node> | Authorized Databases.

Under the Authorized Databases node, expand the database node to which you want to map database groups for a specific security role. Note: The database node under the Authorized Databases node displays the path and name of the mapped database.

Under the database node, right-click the Database Groups node and click Add DB group on the short-cut menu. The Database Admin Password dialog box appears.

In the Admin Password box, type the database group administrator password and click OK. The Select Database Groups dialog box appears.  

Mapping Groups to the Security Role

On the Available Database Groups list, select the appropriate database group or groups and click the Add arrow to move the selected database groups to the Selected Database Groups list.

Click OK to close the Select Database Groups dialog box. The selected database groups appear in the Details pane for that database and that security role.

Repeat the procedure for each database group that you want to assign to a security role.