You map databases to specific security roles to limit access to the databases to groups and/or users assigned to the same security role. Access to databases within a security role can be further limited to specific folders within a database through the use of Alchemy security groups traditional Alchemy security, which are assigned by the database administrator when the database is created. You can also map database groups to security roles.

Add Database ACL

In the Alchemy Server console tree, expand Alchemy Server | <the node for your server’s name> | Security | Roles | <the target security role node>.

Right-click the Authorized Databases node.

Click Add DB ACL on the shortcut menu. The New Database ACL (Access Control List) dialog box appears.

Selecting Database

On the Database Path list, click the database you want to map to the security role and click OK.

Note: In order to be available to map to a security role, the database must first be added to the Alchemy Server service.

Repeat the procedure for each database you want to map to the security group. The databases will now appear in the Alchemy Server Console Tree

Review Authorized Databases