I have a folder of documents on a server. I need to get them into Alchemy. Is there any easy way to do this without reprinting and rescanning the documents?

The easiest way is to use the Drag-and-Drop functionality of Alchemy Administrator or Alchemy Index Station desktop clients. Each will allow you to drag a selection of files from Windows Explorer onto a Folder or Database inside of the Alchemy client.

Find A Destination In a Database

Using either an Alchemy Administrator or Alchemy Index Station client, select a folder you wish to add files into from your file system.

Open Windows Explorer from within Alchemy

Left-Click the Run Explorer icon (1) from within Alchemy to open a copy of Windows Explorer.

Select Files to Add Into Alchemy

Left-Hold Drag-and-Drop from your Windows Explorer file selection (1) onto the Alchemy folder (2) and release the left mouse botton to Drop.

Files are Added into Alchemy

The files you dropped onto Alchemy from the file system will be added into Alchemy. You will need to index the documents if they need profile field information associated with them. Using Batch Profile can make indexing all of the documents in a given location with similar metadata quick and easy.

Batch Profiling Documents

Right-Click a selection of documents in Alchemy Administrator or Index Station (1) and select Batch Profile… (2).

Specify Batch Profile Data

Enter in any Document Profile and Folder Profile index information you wish associated with your document selection (1).

Specify Batch Profile Options

If you have selected folders or compound documents and you want all of the child documents to be indexed as well, make sure to Enable the Include sub-folders (1) option. Documents that contain information in your specified batch profile fields will not be overwritten unless the Overwrite existing data (2) option is enabled.  Click OK (3) to process your batch profile update.


Empty fields on the Document Profile and Folder Profile tabs of the Batch Profile dialog are not processed during a Batch Profile update, so your existing documents will not have their data removed for those fields even if Overwrite existing data is enabled.