You can delete built or unbuilt folders or documents. However, you cannot delete a document that has been declared as a record or a folder that contains documents that have been declared as records. Deleting an item from a database does not delete the source file from its original location, either on the hard drive or elsewhere, with the following exceptions:

1. Alchemy deletes, from the hard drive, documents scanned into a database with Alchemy Scan. When you scan documents into Alchemy, Alchemy stores the image files in the Images folder, which resides in the database folder on your hard drive. When you delete one of these image documents from the database, you also delete the file from the Images folder on the hard drive.

2. Alchemy deletes documents from the Files folder on the server when you delete documents from a database managed by Alchemy Server.

Deleting documents from databases that have been built to containers does not recover the space in the data container. Because of this, the size of the database will not change. CAUTION: Once you delete an item from a database, you cannot recover it.

Deleting a Selection

In the Tree View pane, select the document(s) or folder(s) you want to delete.

Do one of the following:

On the Edit menu, select Delete to delete an unversioned document or a folder.

On the Edit menu, select Delete Version to delete a document version (created using Library Services).

Click Yes to confirm the deletion.