In a typical business operating environment, one or several individuals manage a group or department dedicated to a specific business function. Individuals within the group or department may also be assigned different and specific job functions. Often, it is necessary for group or department managers to share, possess, or control the specific job functions of their employees.

Defining Role level security

In an Alchemy environment, Alchemy Integrated Security with Role Based Access Control allows managers to possess or inherit the security roles of their employees without having to actually assign themselves to their employees’ security roles or map specific databases or database groups to the security role in which the manager is a member. When inheriting a security role, the manager inherits the databases mapped to the security role and any custom Database FCL settings associated with the databases mapped to the inherited security role.

Note: Only Database-level FCL settings can be inherited. Role-level FCL settings cannot be inherited.

Inherited Roles

1. In the Alchemy Server console tree, expand Alchemy Server | <the node for your server’s name> | Security | Roles | <the target security role node>.

2. Under the Roles node, right-click the Inherited Roles node.

3. Click Inherit from on the shortcut menu. The Select Roles to Inherit from dialog box appears.

Roles to Inherit From

On the Available Roles list, select the roles to inherit from.

Click the Add arrow to copy the selected roles to the Selected Roles list.

Click OK. The selected roles appear in the Users/Groups Details pane for that security role.

Tip: To delete an inherited security role, click the Inherited Roles node under the appropriate security role node to display the inherited roles in the Details pane. Right-click the appropriate inherited role and click Stop inheriting on the shortcut menu. When prompted, click Yes to confirm your selection.