Indexing methods are used to specify which characters Alchemy recognizes when indexing a database during the build process. Indexing methods are applied on a field by field basis.

Locating the Indexing Methods

From an Administrator’s license select Design > Indexing Methods.

Indexing Method Names

Four templates for the Indexing Methods are shipped with the product and the names of each is listed above.  The character set that is indexed with each method can be modified by selecting the Indexing Method name and selecting Edit. Custom indexing methods can be created by selecting New.  Upon selecting Edit or New the character set that is to be indexed can be modified as noted below.

Selecting the characters to be indexed

Title is a name for the indexing method.

Minimum word length value. Words containing this number of characters or fewer are not indexed and will not be found in a search.  

Index pure numbers check box to index pure numbers, i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc., in a text field. Although this results in a larger index, you must select this check box to search text fields that contain numeric values. You should also use this check box for fields that contain numbers mixed with other indexable characters, i.e., A123.

Note: When you select a numeric field type for indexing, Alchemy automatically uses this indexing method.

Indexable Characters box, click the characters to include in the index. To remove a selection, click the character again. Alchemy supports the complete Windows ANSI character set.

CAUTION: You might need to include special characters, i.e., the hyphen (-), the period (.), and the forward slash (/), as indexable characters. For example, to index CD-ROM as one word, you must include the hyphen; to index text fields that include dollar amounts that contain a decimal, you must include the period; and to index text fields in which the forward slash appears, you must include the forward slash (/). 7.

Click OK, and then click Close to return to the Alchemy workspace.