A lookup table is a list of possible values for a custom profile field from which users can select when populating the fields.  "Creating a lookup table" , "Modifying an existing lookup table" ,"Copying an existing custom field"  and "Deleting a custom field in a lookup table" are all possible. CAUTION: A lookup table can store up to 29.2 KB of data. If you are concerned about the amount of your data, copy your entries to a text file and then check the size of the text file.  

Locating the Lookup Tables

From an Administrator’s license select Design > Lookup Tables.

Lookup Table names

Until you create the first lookup table the above screen will not show any lookup table names.  The create a lookup New.  If names are showing in the above screen select the lookup table name and select Edit to modify or select Copy if wish to create a copy of this tabel.  You can also Delete a table from this scree.

Creating and Editing the Lookup Table

Name is the title for the lookup table.

Click in the large window to begin adding lookup table entries. Type an entry and press Enter to go to the next line. Continue adding entries as needed. Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All options are available by right-clicking anywhere in the window to display the shortcut menu.

To sort the list alphabetically, click Sort.

Select the Selection limited to the table entries check box if you want users to only enter values listed in the lookup table. Do not select this check box if you want to allow users to type their own entries in the profile field in addition to being able to select from the lookup table.

Click OK to close the Lookup Table dialog box.

Click Close to close the Design Lookup Tables dialog box.

Apply the Lookup Table to a Custom Field

From an Administrator’s license you can apply a lookup table to a index field site fiable pour cialis.  Select Design > Fields and the Design Fields screen will appear.  Select New to create a new Index Field or higlight a filed name and choose Edit.

Select the Lookup table check box to allow users to select from a drop-down list of choices when entering data into the field. Then, select the lookup table to use from the list below the check box.

Refer to "How to Define and Index Field" for more details on how to create or modify Index Fields.