After installing or upgrading to Adobe Acrobat version X on my workstation, Alchemy can no longer view PDF documents unless Acrobat Reader is configured to work with Alchemy. When Acrobat Reader X is installed, it has a default setting that conflicts with Alchemy and the way that it hosts Acrobat Reader in the Viewer Pane of the Alchemy desktop clients. This forum article will show you the steps necessary to configure Acrobat Reader X to work with Alchemy.

Open Adobe Acrobat Reader X

Open Adobe Acrobat Reader X to make the necessary configuration change.

Select Edit > Preferences… from the Menu Bar

Select Edit > Preferences… from the Menu Bar of Adobe Acrobat Reader X.

Disable Protected Mode at Startup Option

From the Categories section select General (1) and then Uncheck the checkbox for Enable Protected Mode at startup (2) to Disable protected mode.

Confirm Intention

Click Yes (1) to confirm your intention to Disable Protected Mode at startup.

Save Changes and Exit Acrobat Reader X

Click OK (3) to complete the preference changes. Close Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Open an Alchemy Desktop Client with Windows Administrative Privileges in order to install the Acrobat Reader Plug-in.

View a PDF Document in Alchemy Desktop Client

Run an Alchemy desktop client as an Administrator, select a PDF document in the tree to View (1) and click Yes (2) to accept the plug-in necessary to host Acrobat Reader within Alchemy.

NOTE: If this step fails to update the plug-in for Acrobat Reader, you can try to manually place the file into the appropriate location. Using Task Manager, close all instances of AcroRd32.exe, close Alchemy desktop applications on the machine you are working on and place AUPIPDF4.API in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\plug_ins or whatever folder path it is in your environment. Open Alchemy and try to view a PDF file.


PDF Viewing Should be Restored

You should now be able to view PDF documents within Alchemy again.