Have you ever migrated users to new computers or moved a scanner to a new computer and wondered how to migrate the Alchemy settings to that new system? It is definitely possible, but requires a little bit of copy / paste activity as the Alchemy software does not have a built in feature to do this.

Finding the Alchemy Settings Files

The location of the file can vary based upon your systems operating system. The screen above is from a Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. The key is that the Scanner Settings file for Alchemy is currently stored in a (hidden by default) folder of the user’s profile directory. On Windows 7, the user profile directories are stored in C:\Users\… by default. Earlier version of Windows stored the profile directories in C:\Documents and Settings\. The following files contain a user’s preferences and settings for Alchemy:

1. Alchemy.ini – Contains all of the settings and preferences for the Alchemy desktop clients.

2. auscan.ini – Contains a small list of settings for the scan module.

3. auscanconfig.xml – Contains all of the scanner settings for a user.

Copy the Settings Files

<CTRL>-Click Alchemy.ini, auscan.ini and auscanconfig.xml to select the files in Windows Explorer. Then, Right-Click (1) the selected files and select Copy (2) from the context menu.

Paste the Configuration Files onto the New Machine

Simply copy or paste these files onto the new machine and into the user’s profile .\AppData\Local\imr\Alchemy folder.