OCR templates provide a convenient method of converting portions of an image to text and automatically populating profile fields. However, OCR templates are only effective on images with the same structure. So if, for example, you had a collection of resumes, OCR templates would not typically be the best choice because resumes have similar but not identical structures. Therefore, it would be very difficult to create an OCR template to, say, capture the person’s name from each resume because the name is likely to be in a different position on each resume. In this case, it would be more effective to use the drag and drop method. To perform OCR on a selected region of a scanned image, make sure that both the image and its profile field are displayed in the Alchemy workspace.

Drag and Drop OCR – Select a Region of Interest

Display the wholesale nfl jerseys image in the 3.0 Viewer wholesale nba jerseys pane.

Click the Document Profile tab.

Drag wholesale nfl jerseys a selection rectangle around MOCHA a wholesale mlb jerseys region of the image in the Viewer pane. Note: You cannot Alchemy drag and о drop barcode cheap nfl jerseys information into a profile field.

Drag and drop the selected region onto Instances a profile field.

Drag and Drop OCR – Result

The cursor will change to a circle with a line until it is positioned directly over the profile field. When the drop operation is performed, OCR is performed on the selected region and it is converted to text and placed in the profile field. Note: You must build the database after performing an OCR operation to add the OCR text to the database index.